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Sector Health Services/Equipments Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Nigeria Tenders Ref.No 39766067
Closing Date 30 - Jun - 2020  |  23 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Medical Laboratory Consumables. #*. Medical Laboratory Equipment. #*. Design & Printing (e.g. manuals, banners, posters, vouchers, reports, stickers, t-shirts, flags etc.). #*. Office Furniture (e.g. tables, chairs, cabinets, work station, bookshelf etc.). #*. IT Equipment and Consumables (e.g. Computers, printers, projector, toners and cartridges, UPS, Scanners, etc.). #*. Enterprise Resource Planning (Software development & deployment). #*. IT Service Provider and Networking (e.g. Internet Access, WLAN cabling, PABX, Desk phones setup etc.). #*. Vehicle Repairs & Maintenance. #*. Supply of Motor Spare Parts & Accessories (tyres, battery, tow rope, fire extinguisher, jump start cable, triangular sign, etc.). #*. Generators Supply. #*. Generator Repairs & Maintenance. #*. Hotel Services (e.g. Accommodation for training, workshop, seminar). #*. Non- Food Relief & Hygiene Materials (e.g. Tents, plastic chairs, Plastic tables, sanitary pod, soap, slippers, wrappers, well bucket, cups, jerrycon etc.). #*. Skill Acquisition Materials (including materials for screwing, hand fan and hat making, soap making, beads-making, etc.). #*. Office & Household Equipment (Supply of photocopier, UPS, projectors, Refrigerator, TV, Water dispenser, inverter system, inverter battery, solar powered equipment, etc). #*. Janitorial Services (Outsource cleaning and fumigation, etc.). #*. Petroleum Products (AGO & PMS). #*. Health Management Organization (HMO). #*. Print Media Advertising (Newspaper, Content Creation & Publishing, etc.). #*. Registered Agent for Vehicle Registration & Renewal of Vehicle Particulars. #*. Insurance Brokers (Personnel, Property, Vehicle, Asset, Fidelity & Good-in Transit, etc). #*. Car & Boat Hire Services (Solon cars, minivan, jeep, pickup truck, space-bus, speedboat, canoe, etc.). #*. Courier/ Bulk Cargo/ Haulages Services. #*. Construction & Renovation of Infrastructure (Infrastructural upgrade of schools, health facilities, office/ guest house, Construction of Safe space). #*. Supply, Installation & Maintenance of Fire Extinguishers & related accessories/ parts. #*. Catering Services & Food vendors (e.g. group lunch, tea, snacks & refreshment, etc.). #*. Photocopier & Multifunctional Machines including Maintenance (e.g. Machines supply, parts, consumables & maintenance, etc.). #*. Facility Maintenance Company (Plumbing, electrical & structural repairs, etc.). #*. Supply of Communication Equipment (Iridium, VHF, UHF, Thuraya Phone, Thuraya recharges, Thuraya SIM & installation & activation, etc.).
Sector Security Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Nigeria Tenders Ref.No 39578993
Closing Date 23 - Jun - 2020  |  16 Days to go View Tender Details
Construction of Residential/ Office Accommodation & facilities. #*. Construction of Specialized Police Operational Platforms. #*. Rehabilitation of Residential/ Office Accommodation & Facilities. #*. Procurement of Construction Equipment. #*. Procurement of Digital Communication Equipment such as Portable Radio, Repeater Stations, Base/ Mobile Transceiver, Solar Power Backup & Inverter System, including provision of Communication Infrastructure in police formations & commands. #*. Procurement & Installation of PABX with 200 Extension lines including Console & Cabling. #*. Procurement of Public Relations Equipment. #*. Establishment of Police (FM) Radio Station. #*. Procurement of Equipment for Resolution of Public Complaints against Police Activities. #*. Procurement of Workshop, Ground handling equipment, Aircraft spare parts, Installation & Reactivation of aircraft Components. #*. Procurement & Maintenance of Sea Boats, Marine Workshop equipment & Personnel Protective Gears. #*. Procurement of Dogs Handling Equipment, Breeding & Feeding Cost. #*. Development/ Management of Police Veterinary Centres & Diagnostic Laboratory. #*. Procurement of Police Horses, Mounted Troop Accessories & Feeding. #*. Procurement of Petrol Vans with installed Communication equipment configured to police specification, Operational Vehicles, Motor Cycles, Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) Automotive Gas Oil (AGO) & Lubricants, Motor Spare Parts. #*. Propagation & Procurement of Equipment/ Workshop for Police Service Delivery Initiatives. #*. Procurement of Clothing & Accoutrement. #*. Procurement of Information Technology equipment (including Hardware & Software applications). #*. Procurement of Equipment/ Workshop & Production of Police Annual Reports for Research & Development. #*. Procurement of Tools for Community Policing Activities & Advocacy/ Workshop. #*. Procurement of Equipment for the Implementation & Operation of Public Sector Financial Reform in Police Finance Offices. #*. Procurement & Upgrade of Police Band Instruments & Accessories for Drill Training. #*. Procurement of Group Life Assurance Scheme Underwriters/ Brokers. #*. Procurement of Group Personal Accident Scheme Underwriters/ Brokers. #*. Procurement of Property Insurance Scheme. #*. Procurement of Hospital Equipment & Consumables. #*. Health Systems Management Services. #*. Upgrade/ Modernization of Police Printing Press & Accessories. #*. Procurement of Personnel Deployment Equipment & Accessories. #*. Upgrade & Expansion of Peacekeeping Centre. #*. Auctioneers for Disposal unserviceable items that are considered Beyond Economic Repairs & other Obsolete Metal Scraps. #*. Procurement of Teaching Aids for Training Institutions. #*. Upgrade of Training Equipment in Police Training Institutions. #*. Procurement of Educational Materials for Police Colleges & Training Institutions. #*. Feeding of Personnel at Police Training Institutions. #*. Procurement of Educational Learning Tools for Primary & Secondary Schools. #*. Procurement of Protective & Safety Gadgets.
Sector Business Consultancy Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Nigeria Tenders Ref.No 39579593
Closing Date 23 - Jun - 2020  |  16 Days to go View Tender Details
Purchase & Installation of Survey Equipment/ Instrument. #*. Procurement, Customization & Programming of Laptop Computers. #*. Purchase & Installation of All-in-1 Desktop Computers. #*. Procurement of Colored Printers. #*. Procurement & Installation of Generating Set. #*. Acquisition & Development of Land. #*. Preliminary Construction of North East Zonal Office.
Sector Recreational Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Nigeria Tenders Ref.No 39578462
Closing Date 22 - Jun - 2020  |  15 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Jincheng Motorcycles, Sewing & Pumping machines, Motorcycles, 6 nos 500/33kva Transformer. #*. Empowerment of Youths & Women on Enterprise. #*. Sensitization of women & youth of FCT on Human rights. #*. Advocacy & campaign on human rights abuse in federal constituency. #*. Economic empowerment for youth & women & Supply of grinding/ sewing machines. #*. Advocacy & awareness campaign against kidnapping, hostage taking & other social vices. #*. Construction of a Block of 3 classrooms. #*. Construction & Installation of solar street lights. #*. Construction of fully equipped ICT Centre.
Sector Education And Research Institute Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Nigeria Tenders Ref.No 39579550
Closing Date 22 - Jun - 2020  |  15 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement of Vehicles. #*. Procurement & Installation of Cabinet & Public Address System. #*. Furnishing & Upgrading of Convocation Centre. #*. Procurement & Installation of Furniture. #*. Procurement & Installation of Classroom Furniture. #*. Procurement & Installation of Office Furniture. #*. Procurement & Installation of Interactive Board & Photocopiers, Laptop & Desktop Computers, 500KVA Transformer with the associated accessories, works & extension of low-tension electrification lines to the newly built up areas in the university, Installation of 1No. 500 KVA transformer & separation of the existing unit B feeder line of the academic core area. #*. Procurement & Installation of Clinical Equipment, Window Blinds & Curtains. #*. Proposed Construction of Structural Steel Supports & Overhead Tanks & Water Reticulation for Professional Blocks & Residential Buildings. #*. Procurement of Utility Vehicles. #*. Procurement of Agricultural Machineries. #*. Construction of Industrial Borehole & Accessories. #*. Construction of Cattle Pens. #*. Rehabilitation of University Clinic Block. #*. Furnishing of Registrar, Bursar & Librarian Houses. #*. Procurement & Installation of ICT Equipment. #*. Procurement & Installation of Broadcast & Radio Equipment & Licensing. #*. Procurement & Installation of Laboratory Equipment for Department of Soil Science. #*. Proposed Design of Staff School Portal. #*. Procurement & Installation of Furnishing & Training of Academic Staff. #*. Procurement of Text Books & Journals. #*. Procurement of Library Tools, Equipment & Machinery. #*. Procurement & Installation of E-Granary E-Resources Database. #*. Proposed Website Remodeling, Re-Structuring & International Computer Driving License (ICDL) Training.
Sector Agro Products Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Nigeria Tenders Ref.No 39586082
Closing Date 22 - Jun - 2020  |  15 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement of 1000L Standard Milk Cooling Tank with Compressor. #*. Procurement of improved indigenous Breeds of Poultry at Point of Lay & stainless galvanized battery cages. #*. Procurement of Bee Apparels. #*. Supply & Distribution of Tuta Detection Treatment Kits. #*. Procurement of Bio-chemical Honey testing equipment. #*. Provision of Solar Powerdrying cabinets, dehydrator, cleaning, bagging equipment & weighing scale. #*. Procurement & Distribution of Super fifty Organic Growth Enhancer to Kenaf Farmers. #*. Provision of Iron pole raised collapsible drying platform. #*. Provision & Distribution of Aflasafe Inoculants against Aflatoxin infection on growing maize plants. #*. Procurement of Solar drying platforms & packaging materials for tomato farmer clusters. #*. Supply of farm implements/ Agricultural equipment for farmers. #*. Supply of Home grinding machines/ water pumps & motorcycles. #*. Supply of motorcycles. #*. Procurement of Standard plastic pallets. #*. Procurement of assorted food Commodities. #*. Provision of Aquaculture starter pack for retirees. #*. Equipping Established vessel monitoring base station. #*. Supply of Fertilizers & Farm input. #*. Procurement of Power motorcycles. #*. Supply of 4 Wheel drive Pickup vehicles. #*. Production of FMARD branded s. #*. Procurement of assorted vaccination equipment & consumables. #*. Procurement of 4,000L of Disinfectants. #*. Procurement of Sundry Clinical materials, Consumables & equipment to support selected veterinary teaching hospitals. #*. Procurement of furniture & equipment. #*. Provision of Essential Veterinary Medicare for animal health centres. #*. Procurement of Assorted Vaccines Cold Chain Facilities & Basic Restraints equipment. #*. Provision of Laboratory Re-agents for the diagnosis & control of emerging & re-emerging zoonotic diseases. #*. Procurement of 3. #*.5 million CBPP, 1 million PPR, 5000 liters diluent. #*. Offtake of briquetting machines. #*. Rehabilitation of National Livestock training center. #*. Establishment of 5 HA pasture plot. #*. Commercial Pasture production. #*. Establishment of Mini Feed Mill. #*. Construction & Handing over of Low cost elevated Sheep & Goat house & ancillaries. #*. Construction of Low cost Homestead cattle feed finishing center. #*. Land Development/ Clearance in selected states. #*. Construction of Mini Earth Dam. #*. Rehabilitation the new headquarters of national agricultural land development authority. #*. Establishment of Shea butter processing cottage centres. #*. Construction & equipping of modern yarn storage facility. #*. Construction & Installation of an aeroponics system for yarn vines & seedlings. #*. Establishment of Rice Processing Mills with De-stoners. #*. Establishment of Cashew Processing Cente. #*. Establishment of Cottage Groundnut Processing Line for the production of pure groundnut oil. #*. Establishment of Cottage dried Tomato & Pepper Processing facility. #*. Establishment of Model Sesame Processing Centers. #*. Construction of green houses. #*. Establishment of 20ha of Irrigation Land. #*. Construction of 100tons of Cold room storage facilities. #*. Installation of 100,000 Litres capacity water pump & its accessories. #*. Establishment of Tuta pesticide extraction cottage industry. #*. Construction of one stop agric extension delivery centers. #*. Establishment of 2 cottage cashew processing machines. #*. Establishment of pasture plots with irrigation facilities. #*. Establishment of 6 cottage rice mills. #*. Production of propylene bags (50kg) with printed ECOWAS logo. #*. Construction of 2000mt specialized warehouse. #*. Connection of the lafia silo complex to 33kva national grid. #*. Construction of Access roads (asphalt). #*. Procurement & Installation of Street Solar Light & CCTV. #*. Procurement & Installation of 250kva Gen set. #*. Procurement & Installation of 60 ton weigh bridge. #*. Renovation of Hotoro ware house. #*. Provision of Racks & Pallets. #*. Provision of Modern Stores in agriculture facilities. #*. Provision of Sheds for tractors & Machines. #*. Provision of Solar Energy Lighting System. #*. Screeding of Existing Store floors. #*. Provision & Laying of Asphalts on the internal road. #*. Upgrade & replacement of alternative power supply infrastructure. #*. Packing & Re-arranging of Agricultural equipment & heavy machineries. #*. Construction/ Rehabilitation of Rural Roads Nationwide. #*. Rehabilitation of Access Earth Roads/ Dams. #*. Provision of Mini-water treatment plants. #*. Provision of Solar Powered Boreholes nationwide. #*. Provision of Motorised Boreholes nationwide. #*. Provision of all in one street solar lights nationwide. #*. Construction of Rural Markets. #*. Construction of green houses. #*. Construction & Equipping of Standard Live Bird Markets & plunkers. #*. Construction of Primary Animal Health Centers. #*. Renovation/ Upgrading of Facilities in one Abattoir. #*. Design of a Model National Grazing reserve. #*. Capacity building
Sector Other Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Nigeria Tenders Ref.No 39679876
Closing Date 13 - Jun - 2020  |  6 Days to go View Tender Details
Construction of police outpost and recreation c.
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